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Pneumatic marking machine

Pneumatic marking machine is a computer-controlled printing needle that moves according to a certain trajectory in the X and Y two-dimensional planes, while the printing needle performs high-frequency impact motion under the action of compressed air, thereby printing a certain depth of marks on the workpiece. The main features of the pneumatic pneumatic marking machine: it has a large depth, and the marking is output directly through the computer, and the marking is neat and clear; the main typical applications: automobile and motorcycle parts, instruments, machinery, automobiles, signs and other industries.

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Printer type: Pneumatic marking machine
Print range: 170*110 mm (available upon request)
Software system:Latest industrial mark engraving system,Chinese and English interface switchHigher precision and faster speed
Print content:Various characters, serial number, VIN code and graphics anti-counterfeiting marks
customization:OEM\ODM,boot interface, packaging design (quantity requirements)

Minimum order quantity:1 
Packing:plastic box+carton+foam
Delivery time:7-20 working days
1. Printing the number, name, trademark and production date of the engine, piston, body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and other parts of automobiles and motorcycles;2. Additional frame number printing for electric vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.;3. Sign printing of various commodities, vehicles and equipment products;4. Various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves, fasteners, steel, instruments and meters. , mechanical and electrical equipment and other metal marking; plastic
1. shock frequency , greater than200 HZ :A variety of fonts are optional andcan be loadedGraphic editing , the softwareprovides a self-editor .2 . Text editing , while providingvarious types of markup textmodification editing .Graphic conversion , thesoftware provides variousgraphic file conversionmethods .Data retrieval , archive the dailyprint content , and retrievehistorical print data at any time.3.Automatically memorize the setstate and serial numberAutomatically compare the serialnumber and VIN code , and promptrepetition.4.The VIN code stipulated in theNational Vehicle IdentificationNumber Management Regulations "can be printed . It can automaticallycount and print the content to meetthe requirements of ISO9001-9002quality single system certification forproduct identification andtraceability.
Advantages of Pneumatic Marking Machine:1.Can handle large, heavy parts that may not be feasible to mark with a laser2.Lower cost compared to laser marking machines3.Can mark on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites4. Lower power consumption and quieter operation compared to lasers5. Can perform deep marking, which is useful for applications such as serial number marking, metal stamping, and part identification.
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