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Celebrating the opening of the March Trade Festival1


At 2:00 p.m. on February 25, 2019, the 2019 New Trade Festival Conference of Kelier Electronics Co., Ltd. was held in the beautiful Tianzi Lake Resort Scenic Area. Mr. Cao Bo, chairman of the company, and Qi Hualin, general manager of the company, attended the meeting and made important speeches at the meeting. This event is divided into three parts: the New Trade Festival kick-off speech, the explanation of the activity rules, and the activity game machine reward. It aims to increase the participation of the New Trade Festival activities, adjust and implement the New Trade Festival activity plan, so that all employees can work with "happy work". , grateful for life" idea to participate in this activity, strengthen the communication and cooperation between employees, and promote the smooth development of the company's work.

Start the conference, show true feelings, show everyone's demeanor, and promote common development

The conference reviewed the wonderful process of Kelier Electronics Co., Ltd.'s New Trade Festival in March 2018, and was full of expectations for this New Trade Festival. There were a lot of highlights in the team presentation session throughout the conference, and each department showed its magical powers to show the spirit of the entire team vividly, which is enough to highlight the spirit of the entire group's employees. The final speech of the employee representatives pushed the whole conference to a climax. Mr. Cao Bo's true feelings moved all employees up and down the company. At this moment, not only tears, but also gratitude was revealed. The sentence "I only want to be a passer-by until the end of my life" was very popular and moved everyone present. Of course, what he said and did, he led the Keliers to achieve the great goal of "100 millionaires, 1000 millionaires" with his practical actions.

At 5:00 pm, all employees of the company gathered in the resort food city to share a feast. During the banquet, the company's chairman Cao Bo and his party made a toast to the employees at each table, condolences and cared about the work and living conditions of the employees. At this moment, more of the brother's concern and love for the younger brother and sister were displayed. It is not so much a banquet for employees of the company as it is a happy family banquet, where everyone gathers together and shows their warm nature.

The whole event ended successfully at 9 o'clock that night. The event was highly praised by the company's leaders and employees. It not only completed the work task, but also enhanced the emotional communication among the employees, which can effectively bind all the people of the company together and unite as one. Towards an updated tomorrow.

The two-day tour of Qiandao Lake ended successfully1
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