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The two-day tour of Qiandao Lake ended successfully


At 8:00 a.m. on November 10, 2020, a total of 79 outstanding colleagues and staff of Chengdu Kelier Electronics Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Cao, got on the bus heading for Qiandao Lake and started a two-day unforgettable trip to Qiandao Lake. trip. After the busy work, this activity enriched the spare time of employees, enhanced the communication and cooperation between departments, made the big family of thousands more harmonious, and improved the cohesion of the enterprise.

The two-day tour of Qiandao Lake ended successfully 1

The whole trip lasted for 2 days, and the team of 79 people was always enveloped by a harmonious and warm atmosphere. In the afternoon of arriving at the destination, the group of 79 people really started the scenic tour of Qiandao Lake. On the afternoon of the 10th, we arrived at Jinfeng Canyon for rafting. Jinfeng Canyon Rafting Scenic Spot is located in Zhufengyuan, Jinfeng Township, Qiandao Lake, a national AAAAA scenic spot. It is the most distinctive canyon rafting in the south of the Yangtze River. In the entire scenic area, mountains and water can be seen everywhere, the water circles the mountains, the trees are shady, and the bees and butterflies are playing with each other. Starting from the starting point of rafting: the romantic comfort of crossing the time tunnel, the waterfall with a drop of 36 meters rushes to stop the flying boat, the ups and downs along the forested waterway, sometimes the rapids are surging, and the airship surfs; The feeling of "stimulation and release" that cannot be expressed in words... Colleagues sometimes rafting and striving forward, sometimes stopping to fight water battles, all bathed in romantic and happy landscapes! After the rafting, all colleagues returned to the hotel and took a group photo as a souvenir.

The two-day tour of Qiandao Lake ended successfully 2

On the morning of the 3rd, everyone took a cruise together to go to Meifeng Island, the highest island in Qiandao Lake. Meifeng View Island is located on the Zhuangyuan Peninsula at the western end of the central lake area of Qiandao Lake. It is identified as a first-class scenic spot in Qiandao Lake because of its dotted islands, criss-crossing harbors and excellent ecological environment. On the Meifeng Observation Deck, you can view more than 300 large and small islands, which is the best place to climb the Qiandao Lake. At noon, we had lunch on the cruise ship. While enjoying the lake and mountains, we exchanged experiences and enhanced our relationship. This trip left a deep impression on everyone. It allows everyone to experience the affection and emotion outside of work, that everyone is a harmonious team, that Wanqian is a big warm family, and it also makes everyone appreciate the company's good intentions in organizing this trip.

In the afternoon, I took the bus back to the company. The trip to Qiandao Lake was over. While thinking about this trip carefully, I had to start preparing for a new round of work. I believe that everyone will devote more energy and enthusiasm to work. Contribute your strength to thousands and build this big family together, because we are all a family.

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