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Haiwei C16s2r PLC Is Applied to the Design of Liquid Filling Machine

At present, most of the simple filling machines on the market use the input and output ports of weighing instruments to directly control the valves. Due to the limitation of control points, the accuracy often can not meet the control requirements.

During automatic filling, after the empty barrel is weighed, press the "filling start" button, the instrument will be peeled automatically, the spray gun will drop into the barrel, the double stroke feeding spray gun head and pneumatic ball valve will be opened automatically, and the fast and slow double speed feeding process will begin. After filling, the spray gun will be lifted out of the barrel automatically, the filled barrel will be removed and weighed, and a filling cycle will end.

During manual filling, switch the "manual / automatic" selector switch to the "manual" position, press the "filling start" button, the spray gun will drop to the barrel feeding stop, and then click the "filling start" button to open the double stroke feeding spray gun device and pneumatic ball valve. After feeding, press the "filling stop" or switch to the "automatic" position, and the spray gun will automatically rise and stop out of the barrel, General manual operation is mainly used for commissioning and emergency treatment.

The system uses Haiwei c16s2r PLC to communicate with Guangju gl300 weighing instrument and MCGS touch screen. As a man-machine interface, the 7-inch color touch screen can clearly display all production data settings and the operation status of the filling system, and can select different formulas according to different containers filled by the user, so as to avoid repeated setting of filling data and improve work efficiency. Each filling data is automatically saved in the data report to facilitate user query.

Figure 1 touch screen

*Automatic and manual selection - convenient for operation and maintenance.

*   Automatic peeling function - overcomes the influence of inconsistent weight of filling container on accuracy.

*   The fixed value point is adjustable ---- it is suitable for quantitative filling in a variety of weight ranges.

*   Automatic diagnosis, fault alarm ---- improve the reliability of the system.

*   Safety inspection - the filling can be started only after the empty barrel is weighed - to prevent accidents and waste caused by mistakenly pressing the "filling start".

*   Self locking control ---- before filling, the filling is allowed only after the detection spray gun drops in place

*   The filling system is installed on the chassis as a whole - it is more convenient for on-site installation and commissioning. Users can start filling production only by providing power, air source and materials, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Table 1 hardware configuration list

Figure 2 program screenshot

I have been learning PLC programming intermittently for several months. It is still hard to write complex programs. However, it is very easy for Haiwei to get started. With the video tutorial on Haiwei website and the help menu in programming software, the basic application should be no problem. Still learning, I hope to upload more practical application cases for reference.

Haiwei C16s2r PLC Is Applied to the Design of Liquid Filling Machine 1

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