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Using Delta Electromechanical Products to Realize Touch Start and Speed Regulation of Ice Cream Filling Machine

1 Introduction

Using Delta Electromechanical Products to Realize Touch Start and Speed Regulation of Ice Cream Filling Machine 1

Using the convenient communication function between Delta Electromechanical Products on the ice cream filling machine, the direct start / stop and speed regulation of the main drive motor and the drawing motor on the touch screen are realized, and the speed follow between the servo and the main motor is realized. It makes the operation of operators intuitive and convenient. The PR mode (internal multi-stage position mode) of DELTA servo is used to turn the customer's mechanical drawing into electrical control. The drawing distance and speed can be adjusted by the end user on the touch screen. Make the customer's drawing pattern adjustment convenient and flexible. The production efficiency is greatly improved.

Man machine interface (also known as user interface or user interface) is the medium of interaction and information exchange between system and user. It realizes the transformation between the internal form of information and the form acceptable to human beings. There are man-machine interfaces in all fields involved in man-machine information exchange. Human machine interface (HMI) is the medium and dialogue interface for transferring and exchanging information between people and computers. It is an important part of computer system. It refers to the field or interface where people and machines contact or interact in information exchange and function. The man-machine interface, information exchange, functional contact or interaction refers to the hard contact and soft contact between people and machines. This interface includes not only the direct contact between points, lines and surfaces, but also the action space for long-distance information transmission and control.

The man-machine interface is the central link in the man-machine system. It is mainly studied and put forward the basis for solution by the safety ergonomics, a branch of safety engineering, and studies the specific solution means and measures through safety engineering, equipment engineering, safety management engineering and safety system engineering. It realizes the transformation between the internal form of information and the form acceptable to human beings. There are man-machine interfaces in all fields involved in man-machine information exchange. Now it is widely used in industry and commerce. It is simply divided into "input" and "output". Input refers to the operation of machinery or equipment by people, such as the issuance of handles, switches, doors and instructions (commands) or maintenance, while output refers to the notices sent by machinery or equipment, such as faults, warnings, operation instructions, prompts, etc, A good man-machine interface will help users operate the machine more simply, correctly and quickly, and can also make the machine give full play to its maximum efficiency and prolong its service life. At present, the man-machine interface in the market refers to the humanized operation interface of software.

Ice cream filling machine usually consists of four parts:(1) Main drive part. The main drive adopts the intermittent reducer output to drive the sprocket drive and drive the conveyor plate to transport materials Station by station. The main drive motor is 2.2kW and is controlled by delta frequency converter. The reduction ratio of the reducer is 30:1. The main motor rotates 30 turns and the reducer outputs 1 turn. The conveyor plate moves one station, and then the reducer will have an empty stroke of about 1.5 seconds, Each station is reserved for various process actions. Simple and stable.(2) Filling part. The filling part is composed of more than a dozen filling stations arranged in a straight line. Different are controlled by the corresponding air valves. The PLC receives the angle signal transmitted by the main drive encoder (360 lines, corresponding to a conveying cycle). Delta es series PLC is the control center of the whole machine and controls the opening and closing of the valve according to the set angle value.

Using Delta Electromechanical Products to Realize Touch Start and Speed Regulation of Ice Cream Filling Machine 2

(3) Ice cream can be divided into flat cup and cone. Drawing refers to the part of cone. Flat cup does not need drawing. The main function of the ice cream drawing part is to pour the filled ice cream with good-looking cream. The drawing control mainly controls two parts: one is the rotating drawing motor to drive the drawing head to rotate and pour cream, and the other is the part to drive the drawing head to do lifting movement. Most domestic manufacturers adopt mechanical cam structure. When the pattern needs to be changed, Only replacing mechanical cams with different shapes will greatly affect the production efficiency of the machine. After adjusting the parameters of each pattern, the user can save it through the formula function of the screen. Just call it next time.

(4) Temperature control part. There are three places for ice cream filling: pouring chocolate, spraying chocolate and heat sealing. High power heating tube and K-index thermocouple are used for temperature detection. The upper temperature limit is 300 degrees. If the PLC is used to control the temperature, the temperature detection or control module must be added. These modules are usually not cheap and need to be programmed on the host. Delta thermostat is adopted from the perspective of economy and interchangeability.2 system design2.1 control process analysis

(1) Ensure that the electrical zero position and mechanical zero position of the host and servo are consistent.(2) The starting and closing of filling are controlled by the angle signal of the encoder and can be set on the touch screen.(3) The servo follows the host, and the operation position and speed are manually adjusted on the touch screen.

(4) The host speed can be adjusted on the touch screen.(5) Production counting control function.2.2 hardware architecture design

The hardware architecture is shown in Figure 1. See Table 1 for selection of main automation equipment.Fig. 1 Hardware ArchitectureTable 1 Selection of main automation equipment

2.3 software process designSee Figure 2 for software flow design.Figure 2 software flow

3 system commissioning3.1 system zero point commissioning

During the initial commissioning of the project, no change was made for the main engine. As a result, during the commissioning, it was found that the running time of the machine was slightly longer, and the angle of the encoder corresponded to the position of the machine, resulting in cumulative deviation. The mechanical position of the servo corresponding to the zero point of the host is changed, so the servo immediately reversely finds the starting position corresponding to the zero point position of the host after finding the zero point. This position is set by the customer on the screen. During this period, the host is prohibited from running.

3.2 speed limit of main engineThe communication connection is adopted between the host and the frequency converter. Because the servo follows the host and the speed has a multiple relationship, the host has done the speed limit treatment on the premise of meeting the customer's production speed.4 Conclusion

The project has passed debugging and the function of the machine fully meets the requirements. The project fully demonstrates the technical ability of delta electric products in the application of Mechatronics in the packaging industry.

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